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IBM Cognitive Systems

How IBM’s Watson Treats Cancer

Watson treats cancer. Yes you see right, IBM’s Watson is learning how might cancer be cured. And i am sure, Watson will help us to live longer.

Every year millions of people dying because of cancer. In 2012 8.2 millions of people died because of cancer. (Wikipedia) Therefore solving reasons, finding better treatment or blocking mutations are really important for humanity.

But how?

Watson learns, Watson can learn about data, learn about differences then uses that data to solve complex problems. Now, Watson has a mission: it have to learn about mutations that makes people cancer.

IBM works with several universities, hospitals and cancer institutes, Memorial Sloan Cancer Center is one of them.

IBM Cognitive Systems
IBM Cognitive Systems




Watson works very simple; scientists give the mutated genoms that causes cancer, to Watson. Watson is working on them and learning.

Also IBM has a Watson For Oncology page. On that page IBM says:



Watson Analyzes the patient’s medical record

and creates treatment pathway. It may take hundred years with classic computing, or much more with doctors but with a computer like Watson, it will take several years to find reasons and better treatments for a cancer.

The Data

Both structured and unstructured data is generating in a hospital everyday. Actually this is very important data. Just imagine, if we share all data across the world, if we share all experience we have to treat people, the world will be far better.

Watson has read 15 Millions page of medical content, just think about it, can a doctor read that much of medical content my itself? Of course not, therefore we need an assistant.


Yes, people will live longer. People will cure human. People will make human more happier. It’s a war. People have to fight against all extinction, poorness, illnesses and wars. But need help, we need more smarter help than ourselves.

Future is starting today, cognitive computing helping us, also our businesses are transforming into cognitive era.

Watson even cures cancer, it may cure your business as well as cancer.

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