What Is “Cognitive Business” [Start Today!]

First of all, before cognitive business, talk about usual business. Running a business is very complicated process. You have to decide very carefully about everything. Running a business seems like creating a new universe from zero. Every decision you make, every step you take creates new results or new consequences. Every entrepreneur, every business man, needs help sometimes, because two eyes are better then one. Moving to cognitive business gives you more and more eyes.

You have manage your supply chain, your customer complaints, salaries, bills, also making payments and lots of other things. Sharing your responsibility with a machine which never makes wrong is a really big step for you, so you can focus on new innovations, new products and new markets.



Cognitive Business

I know, the word “cognitive” is cool by itself, but “cognitive business” is more cool. Trust me.

Think about your business, you have customer data, so you have to process them and find the insights.

You have a customer base, you need to communicate and understand their problem.

Your products have comments on web, therefore you must read all of them, solve problems, and improve your business.

You have data, it is better for you to analyze them and predict future.

You have to do all of them by human power. No! You can get a third eye for your business. Watson can do it for you. You can find examples by clicking here.

Cognitive Business
Cognitive Business

How to Transform Your Business Into Cognitive?

It’s a big deal with unexperienced, unvisionary people, you need help. After the transformation of your business, everything will be better for you. Since you upgraded your business to new era, you will have better uptimes, better customer insights, and better prediction about future.

Start transformation with simple things, do you have a comment system on your website? Use tone analyzer to analyze that comments, and start solving your customers’ problems with easier one as you know, there is a rule. You make 80% of your success by 20% of your clients, therefore you have to listen them more carefully.

Do you have a database that stores past shopping transactions or your clients’ history? Analyze it to predict future, then you will have better inventory management and investment efficiency.

You business and time is valuable so you have use them well. Since Cognitive Computing helps you you have more time to focus on new markets and business ideas! Isn’t it great?

In conclusion transforming your business into cognitive business will drive you better understanding about your customer and better sales. Don’t get late! Start today to take your step into this new world.

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