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ISDS: bindtoreplica: unknown authentication type in agreement

IBM Security

During replication topology set up for IBM Security Directory Server, you may see this error. This error message has written into queue details page, on the Last Attempted Details tab. Complete error message is: bindtoreplica: unknown authentication type in agreement. You may see this error while configuring replication between servers. This error message explains that: one …

Db2 V9.5 – How to Shrink Tablespace

db2 9.5 shrink tablespace

After deleting a big set of data from a table, we expect it to get smaller than it was before. But in Db2 V9.5 you need to lower high water mark to shrink unused space in tablespace. After Db2 V9.7 you can use ALTER TABLESPACE command to lower high water mark and reduce a table’s size. …

How to Solve Db2 SQL0752N Error

db2 9.5 shrink tablespace

SQL0752N Error message and explanation of this error is:

SQL0752N error usually occurs on redirected restore. SQL0752N Error means, one or more of your databases is in restore pending state. You must fix problems about restore pending database. First of all you must get output of this simple command:

As you may see, …