About Me

Hi, I am Yiğit. I work for people, who needs computer power.

I am programming computers since 2008. As an Enterprise Content Management expert, leading Automation Brand @IBM.

Mostly, i blog about my hobbies: GameDev and Music. My 2023 goal is releasing a new vlog video every Sunday. (Note: Earthquake on 6th Feb 2023 made me miss one.) On my blog I share news, development logs and notes.

2023 Linux Migration

Originally, this is named as Open Source migration but i had some issues to complete this migration as planned.

As a goal for 2023, i migrated my workstation to Linux (Linux Mint). Aseprite and Godot Engine is running without any problem. But making music on Linux is not straightforward.

Since PayPal is blocked in Turkey i needed to compile Ardour by myself. Compiling Ardour is not a very complicated project but i couldn’t make Calf Plugins run with their UI’s. I spend more time to configure environment then making music.

What Else

If you interested in hire me, just send a mail: yigitozdemir@yandex.com


  • Server side solutions
  • Making games
  • Learn
  • Open Source


-“How do you write code?”

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  1. Merhaba,
    Sitenizde iletişim için herhangi bir bilgi bulamadım. Acaba bana mail’den ulaşabilir misiniz?

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