About Me

Hi, I am Yiğit. I work for people, who needs computer power.

I am programming computers since 2008. I specialize in Server Side Solutions, Java and Javascript development. I am currenty also writing an e-book.

On my blog I share my experiences, knowladge and my failures. I’m trying to be very transparent with what I share. My goal is to inspire people to make a living online doing what they love, just like I do.

If you interested in hire me, just send a mail: yigit@yigitnot.com


– Server side solutions
– Hybrid Mobile Applications
– Making games
– Learn


-“How do you write code?”

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  • Merhaba,
    Sitenizde iletişim için herhangi bir bilgi bulamadım. Acaba bana mail’den ulaşabilir misiniz?

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