Top 5 Free Database Software

Startups need to save money, therefore they need to use free database as well. Also open source database software provides great community support and security.

If you are running an online business your business need expert people since you are running time-critical system. Free database software and open source database software solutions have much more experts than commercials to pick up a good one and hire. You only need to know how to choose which is the best for you.

Why Free Database?

Free Database
Free Database

Leading startups and leading companies runs free database software. Such as Apple, IMDB, blabla car, Uber, Us Navy, Airbnb, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Ebay, Bosch, Nokia, Sap, Github etc. You see!? All cool kids in the street use free databases. That is not a coincidence, open databases are reliable. You can trust them to store your data.


I prepared a list of the best free database software to pick up.


Get ready!


1) MariaDB

I think mySql was the most popular database software all around the world. But Oracle acquired mySql then licensing and support is changed. Open Source community doesn’t like that kind of “commercial” guys in the open source area. A few of mySql developers and open source fans forked mySql latest source code and created a new free database.

Maria db is a free database (it’s open source) therefore you can use MariaDB without paying anything for it. MySql drivers can be used with Maria Db also so you can use lots of ORM’s, DB Management tools.

Maria db also runs more faster than mySql.


2) PostgreSql

PostgreSql is the most complicated free database. It’s a replacement for Oracle and DB2. It supports very big databases (Max: Unlimited), big tables (Max: 32 TB) therefore it is the best database for handling big data.

People is creating much more data then yesterday. It is very important to be capable of saving all data, to find insights. PosgreSql is one of the most trusted way to do it. It’s also scalable, you can trust PostgreSql if you have much transactions.

PostgreSql has a great community, when you need support, they are also very helpful about answering questions.



Cubrid is not a very popular database. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. CUBRID is a special database for large amount of transactions and data. It has high avaiablity features. CUBRID is designed and optimized for web services, load balancers and proxies are avaiable by itself. It’s database, table and column size is unlimited.

If you ask me did i try before? No. I didn’t tried but i am waiting for an opportunity to try that kind of rock-star database.




Actually, Redis is not a database solution. Redis is a in memory data storage system. Yes, it runs on memory so Redis is very fast. Redis is the best solution for caching. It’s free, it’s fast, it’s community is great, it supports master replicate duplication.

I can hear, you are asking why to use Redis? Redis will be your favorite solution for caching. A just want to give a little example here. You are counting likes of a picture from database, do you want to count it for every request? I think no one wants it. Save them on Redis, you can count it once in 10 minutes. Or you can update redis on every like, it is much faster than database.

Mongo DB
Mongo DB


5)Mongo DB

Mongo Db is a no-sql database. A no-sql database means, you will not store your data in tables, there are documents for your data in Mongo DB. Mongodb is faster than relational databases, you can develop more faster than relational database, you can store unstructured data in it. You don’t need to model your data before starting to develop application. That means MongoDb is a good tool for rapid development and rapid prototyping.



Now, you have a list of free database software for your startup. You build your startup or your business on top of them. I promise you won’t regret it. Save your money from paid databases and move to free database street.


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