What is Node Js

What is Node Js

What is node js? Node js is a runtime that runs Javascript on server side. But not only runs, it also has non-blocking i/o system and asynchronous flow. What does that mean for your code?

That simply means, better performance with less hardware costs. Many frameworks for Node js developed by community, there are lot’s of tools for rapid prototyping and best performance.

What is node js
What is node js

Getting Started With Node.Js

You can pick up Node Js easily since there are lot’s of courses (both free and paid courses) on udemy. You can understand what is node js and start coding.

I strongly advice people to start node js (and python) because of time is most valuable resource on our world. We can buy IDE’s, rams, cpu power and etc, but we can not buy more time to build a successful business and successful application.

MEAN Stack
MEAN Stack

The Greatest Team EVER!

If you are developing web applications you may know about most popular stack, PHP – Mysql – Apache – Linux. That stack was the rockstar of web world but by now, rocks started fall to the river. Huge community of node js is developing a lot of libraries for Node js so you can pick up one and just get start your dream project with it.

Libraries are not only advantage of Node js. There is a great team to use with Node Js without any questions. Linux – Node js – Mongo Db – Angular or with the other word MEAN stack. This team is great. You can set up a token based authentication in minutes, you can build a blog project in an hour, you can make more releases in a day.

MEAN stack will help you to create great web and mobile apps, you can empower your mobile app’s backend software via node js. You can scale on the cloud using clustering package like pm2.

Libraries In Black

Node js libraries are trusted, they are tested and used by great community therefore it is less likely to have a security problem. I know, security for your application is one of the most important things, for me too. But you can trust Node Js libraries, they are used in even enterprise applications.

Do you remember times that you have to implement the feature that you want to have in a library? These times passed, since you can find a library for everything on npm.


Npm is a package manager for Node Js. If you develop a library and put it on Github then you can release it on NPM. It only takes a minute. Even big companies releasing libraries for Node Js because why not?



Node Js is a great tool to pick up for startups and web application developers. I strongly suggest you to learn node.js because companies started to move their applications into node js.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me. You can fill the form below or you can send me an e-mail, yigit@yigitnot.com


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