Why I Migrated to Nodejs From PHP

I want to say i do still use PHP. I am using Nodejs more than PHP especially for new clients and for new projects i prefer to user Nodejs. Therefore this article about why i prefer Nodejs over PHP and Why i migrated to nodejs?

4 Years ago, i was developing a CRM tool for a firm. I haven’t got a smartphone, owner of company also. There wasn’t any demand for another client than browsers. The only client they use is browsers. So i used Codeigniter Framework to bring data from database and i used Jquery to move elements.

But now when a client comes with an idea they want to see everything from different devices. Smartphones, smart watches, computers, tablets and televisions. (I think they will ask for a smart fridge client soon)

Development is same. You need to connect database, process data and pass data to client through endpoints. I think this development paradigm will remain same.

This different client requirements started when i was using PHP as my main tool. But PHP world did not adapted theirselves to this. They were not enough middlewares, JSON conversation speed was terrible and clustering PHP application was not that easy. (cloud was very young at that moment) But i was still using PHP.

Almost two years ago, i needed to use Javascript more. And then i discovered Nodejs. I wondered this technology and tested. Actually result was suprising for me. That small, easy tool was capable to do much. Also it was working like a charm, so fast. And i though “Why stcik with PHP?” Json apis were “native”, i can communicate with every client easily. This is the main reason of Why i migrated to nodejs.

The only reason to stick with PHP is has mature frameworks, i knew how the job is supposed to be done. I can find the shortcuts for tasks.  Actually, (for almost all projects) i never interacted with the core language, i always working with the frameworks. Because i can make mistakes by myself but frameworks developed and maintened by huge amount of people. So using a framework is a more safer idea.

I could write a pros/cons article to explain my reasons very logically but it is not the way the jobs done. Almost every developer, needs short development time, less cost, easy to maintain tools. All of us want to be confortable about technologies we use. Node Js community adopts itself very easily to every new era, to cloud, scaling, IOT, security etc. Not only community, every tech company needed to adopt theirselves to Node Js. You can see, every database company has a driver for Node Js now.

And here i am, writing an article about “Why i migrated to nodejs” Developing applications in Node js and using it’s features, especially the package manager, NPM.

I think you also need to give a shot to Node Js. Node can make your development speed faster, make you comfortable about your client needs.


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