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Yesterday i realized that i need a model structure for Mysql to use with nodejs. I Googled it but results were not satisfying me. Then i decided to write my first NPM package.

I developed a nodejs mysql orm. It is very simply and basic package now. It can select data from database and insert data to mysql database.

I don’t want it to be less documented. I am working on documentation more than coding.

Yes i know, i am not good with standarts and code documentation, i am planning to learn through this project.

Actual reason to develop this project for me is implementing passport-local to a express project using mysql database is not that easy. Models can search user easily and i could implement passport-local more easier using this package.

After 24 hours there is a suprise for me. Because package has been downloaded for 87 times. It is the best download score for me. Yes i saw 4k and 5k in months but, this is the best for 24 hours.

You can test, contribute, comment to this project. This package will be the best Mysql Model Package for Nodejs with your help.

Link To MyModel

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