I Missed You

Since last post, more then 2 years. Of course missed you, this blog and sharing stuff with you.

I didn’t have very crowded base of readers, but there were always traffic on this website, actually there are still but since i don’t force users to SSL connection google pushed me back. Last month, i’ve updated this policy, now it seems like Google started to give me some good results with SSL.

What Happened?

Of course i need to write “what happened during those 2 years?”

In March 2020, Turkey has also met with Covid-19 pandemic and it is still growing here. To be honest, i haven’t done much stuff since pandemic has started. I work during the daylight time. At nights i grab a beer or watch netflix or play games. To be honest, it gets more boring everyday.

But before pandemic i was travelling around the world, i’ve been in:

  • Luxembourg
  • Kenya
  • Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Jubail)
  • United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)

During those travels i ate a lot of new food, met new people.

Also i have learnt some new stuff:

  • Godot Engine
  • Unity
  • IBM MQ
  • Redhat Openshift

I was not used to game engines. But since 2019 i am practicing Untiy and Godot simultaneously and that was a great experience for me. Because i’ve understood that, engines are very important tools that let us to focus on game itself.

As some of my readers remember, I was big fan of Phaser and LibGdx (I am still) those are great libraries, very performant, but as a hobbyist i don’t have much time to focus on UI, canvas, systems etc. Also those kind of libraries, provide multiple ways to do stuff. Testing those methods and switching between them consumes time. Godot and Unity has a standard method for most of 2D stuff.

More About Godot Engine

Even i introduced game engines with Unity, i liked Godot Engine more.

Why Do I Prefer Godot Engine over Unity

Lightweight, ease of use, easy shading language, performant 2D, elastic, extensible, supports native programming, easy (GD Script) programming language.

I installed Unity to my home workstation (oh, i also upgraded it) not to my work laptop, because it’s disk is small and doesn’t have external graphics card. Then i discovered Godot Engine from a blog post and navigated to it’s website. I saw it’s download is 32 MBs only, i thought thats an installer. I downloaded it to IBM’s Lenovo T400s (400 something, i can’t remember) and it runned directly. That was amazing.

I explorer Godot Engine for a period of time. It is very different than my previous experiences, it prioritizes ease of use and that is very different.

May be i can create another post about it, but Godot Engine is the most used tool for me since 2 years.

What About My Career

I am still working at IBM as Software Specialist (some says i am a consultant, i am not sure) and helping customers to improve their business via technology.

Since IBM acquired RedHat i am learning Openshift. Openshift is my priority right now.

To be honest, i am very happy at IBM. Of course each job has it’s own advantages and disiadvantages, but IBM has a good balance overall.


I’ve became a professional life coach. I was kidding to life coaches once, and i am one of them now. Who knows what is next.

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Hope to see you sooner.

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