Solved: Calf LV2 Plugins with no GUI

Hello all!

In my last blog i mentioned Calf plugins GUI’s have not been rendered, i could only use them with built-in gui of host applications (Ardour and Reaper in my case)

This week was a productive week for Open Source community. Godot Engine 4 RC 2 and Ardour 7.3 is released. As i always follow latest releases of those project i directly started working to migrate.

Since PayPal is not active in Turkey, i always pull from repository and compile Ardour from source code. As always i do, i pulled latest source code and uninstalled 7.2

If you compiled Ardour from source code before, you should saw the step ./waf configure. Then i realized libsuil is marked as “no” during that step. But i was sure, i installed libsuil to build Ardour. I knew LV2 plugins required libsuil to render their gui. Anyway, computer never lies, check the situation with:

apt search libsuild

I saw i only installed libsuil-0-0 but no libsuil-dev. I installed libsuil-dev package and run waf configure step one more time, waf marked libsuil as yes this time.

Proceed with build:

sudo apt install libsuil-dev

Brew your coffee, Ardour will be ready meanwhile.

Checked Calf plugins after build and validated they are running.

Long story short, if your calf plugins GUI not visible probably, a library is missing. Of course that only applies if you build calf plugins yourself.

I hope this solves your issue as well.

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