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How to solve: Db2 is not listening port problem

db2 9.5 shrink tablespace

Sometimes a mistake made by db administrator causes that kind of problem.   To solve this problem we need to take a few simple steps and check system services. First of all, you need to get database service configuration with this command:

Does that value empty? You need to set a port number to …

How Watson Treats Cancer – Learn Now!

IBM Cognitive Systems

How IBM’s Watson Treats Cancer Watson treats cancer. Yes you see right, IBM’s Watson is learning how might cancer be cured. And i am sure, Watson will help us to live longer. Every year millions of people dying because of cancer. In 2012 8.2 millions of people died because of cancer. (Wikipedia) Therefore solving reasons, …

What is IBM Bluemix [Learn Now!]

What is IBM Bluemix? IBM Bluemix is a cloud to build, run and manage applications. Bluemix offers several API’s, instant runtimes and containers. That means, you don’t need to care about your deployment anymore! Bluemix wants you to concentrate on your innovation. Start With Sample Code: When you ready to develop an application on Bluemix …