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wp_nonce_field Form Security Tutorial

Wordpress Nonce Fields

wp_nonce_field() is a WordPress function that creates a hidden form field to validate requests origin. Simply, anyone can send a http request to your website from outside. wp_nonce_field is a method to verify requests origin. nonce is an artificial word which is short form of “number used once”. What is a nonce? According to definition, …

Conway’s Game of Life

Conway's Game Of Life

After extinction of us, what will remain from us? Are we going to able to create a new kind of specie? Famoust mathematician Conway has an answer for this: Even we can not create a new specie, we can leave a living mathematical formula. Conway’s Game of Life’s rules are so simple: For a space …

Phaser 3 Tutorial

Phaser V3 is out now! There are lots of new features and improvements. In this article i am going to cover basics of Phaser 3. First of all, Phaser is not using Pixi rendering engine anymore. Phaser V3 uses it’s own rendering engine. If you want to learn more about it’s new renderer, you can …

How to Solve Db2 SQL0752N Error

db2 9.5 shrink tablespace

SQL0752N Error message and explanation of this error is:

SQL0752N error usually occurs on redirected restore. SQL0752N Error means, one or more of your databases is in restore pending state. You must fix problems about restore pending database. First of all you must get output of this simple command:

As you may see, …

How to solve: Db2 is not listening port problem

db2 9.5 shrink tablespace

Sometimes a mistake made by db administrator causes that kind of problem.   To solve this problem we need to take a few simple steps and check system services. First of all, you need to get database service configuration with this command:

Does that value empty? You need to set a port number to …